Photo Manipulation inside a Electric Bulb

Photo manipulation is one of most fascinating part in Photoshop, which can be achieved by simple tricks applied on any photo. If you see your Facebook timeline, its possible that many of the images found are unreal, all of them are mostly manipulated by someone using Photoshop.

Today we have done the same thing, given a simple light bulb, we have made some of the bulb art inside the bulbs, and presenting you them as wallpapers. Let us know which one of these did you like the most. In the upcoming days we will put several photo manipulation articles so stay tuned.

bulb art

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10 Best Photoshop Tutorials of May 2013

Photoshop is one of the most popular, graphic designing software. Its comes with loads of image editing and manipulation options. The huge community of designers provide some excellent resources all long the year, and we have collected ten from those in the last month of may 2013.

All the tutorials below are high quality, some have videos attached to understand the concept better. We hope you will like our selection of tutorials this month, there will more coming  in future. So keep yourself updated with our email subscriptions and feed links.

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Freebies : 5 Free Party Flyer Templates Made in Photoshop

Graphic work in a flyer can make or break the events promotion, keeping things in mind and providing details in photoshop allows you to change modify these flyers. As promised, we have made 5 free party flyer templates which are made by our graphic team.

Free flyer Templates

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9 Most Beautiful Flowers as High Definition Wallpapers (1920×1200)

The best way to fall in love with nature is by seeing the world with your eyes. But if you can’t, then moments captured by photographers can make you feel that vibrance and affection, which can’t be expressed.

In this post we have collected 9 most beautiful flowers in high definition wallpaper quality with dimension of 1920×1200 pixels, all the wallpapers are modified in photoshop to take advantage of tools which can make a photo more loveable. Without much ado, lets dive into the wallpapers below and enjoy their beauty.


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How to Create a Portrait with Psychedelic Art Effect in Photoshop

Combine a portrait with marbleised patterns to create a mesmerising psychedelic art effect with an unmistakable wow-factor.

Blend Modes are one of the most versatile of Photoshop effects. They work by using complicated mathematical algorithms that compare the pixels on the layer you‘re blending with those on the layer below. Each pixel has a set of tonal vales relating to its Red, Green and Blue content. These values are then compared with the values on the layer below and mixed in different ways. Some of the Blend Mode names – such as Subtract, Multiply and Divide – give an indication of the maths involved.

Psychedelic Art Effect

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30 Extraordinary Photoshop Tutorials to Master Photo Effects

Every designer needs inspiration to move ahead and make something incredible, and each one uses a Photoshop a premier photo editing software which can do the trick. Image manipulation has been done from many years in form of web design, print advertisements, online ads etc. to create such extraordinary photos we have made this collection of Photoshop tutorials to master the art of photo effects.

Earth Shattering Disaster Scene in Photoshop

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How to make a Grunge Poster in Photoshop

There really is no greater pleasure than blasting apart an image to achieve an dramatic composition inside photoshop. Over the next few steps we will break apart an image into shards. We will combine images and textures for a cracked, graphic Grunge poster effect. There are no solid rules for creating this poster, you can make adjustments as you like.

Poster with grunge effect

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