Amazing effects with Creative Curves in Photoshop

Curves make it easy create a wide variety of contemporary and vintage colour effects in seconds.

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How to use curves in Photoshop

The Curves command remains one of the most potent tools in Photoshop’s arsenal. Versatile, powerful and intuitive, it’s the weapon of choice for most tonal tweaks. Unlike Levels, which only allows you to adjust the whites, blacks and midtone points, Curves lets you place up to 14 points (although you’ll rarely need more than four or five) to make precise adjustments to different parts of the tonal range.

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The fluid curve line ensures a smooth transition between these different tonal shifts. [Read more…]

Learn How to Fix Colors with Levels in Photoshop

Sometimes a digital image looks different to the scene that you remember, particularly if there were problems with exposure or white balance. If colors look wrong and tones lack punch, then the Levels command can come to the rescue. Here. we’ll show you how to improve tones in seconds by adding depth, enhancing skies and fixing colors.

modified image

As well as making universal adjustments to improve the tonal range, we’II also select the blue sky and use it to alter both the sky and land independently of one another. With a few simple adjustments, you can transform the image and do the scene justice. [Read more…]

How to Get The Look of a Studio Car Shot

Few of us have direct access to a studio large enough to comfortably accommodate a car, or for that matter a car that we’d want to shoot in a studio! However, attend any car event and there will be a whole host of vehicles that we can dream of owning. While the owner might not be too pleased if you drove off with the car itself, a quick snapshot will at least give you a small memento to take home.

autoshow car reflection in photoshop

A big issue with event photography is always the amount of clutter that distracts from the main subject. At the event, it’s impossible to clear the surrounds for a clean shot from the desired shooting position and angle. but back in the digital darkroom it’s easy to isolate the car and replace the background. However, while the removal of the background will clean up the image, for this shot we want to give the impression that the car was photographed in a professional studio, and not only that, but one with a reflective floor. These are the tricks that the best stock photos utilize, the competition has become so fierce that photographers have had to evolve in creativity and technical prowess.

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Image Editing Basics in Photoshop Elements

Start improving your photos fast with this step-by-step guide to image editing in Photoshop Elements.

If you’ve got everything right when shooting – such as exposure  focusing and white balance – you might think your images don’t need any editing. But chances are they’ll still benefit from some tweaking in Photoshop.

Step 3

When your camera captures a scene, it tries to create what it thinks is the best interpretation of that scene in terms of tone, color, sharpening and so on – unless you’re shooting in a Raw file format. It usually does a good job of this, but it gives you no control over any of these elements, and what it comes up with is unlikely to be an accurate representation of the scene as you perceived it.

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Learn How to use Light Streaks Effect in Photoshop

Light effects can be used while creating any image, here we are using it for creating Dancing Soul. Let us walk through how to create this dynamic illustration. We will also give you tips and tricks on how to play with light streaks effect. [Read more…]

Draw butterfly in Photoshop in Six Simple Steps

Sometimes when we find Pictures incomplete we use Photoshop tools to make the amendments in the Picture. We add and delete objects as per our requirement we can get images or can create our own, here we are creating simple butterfly as an object [Read more…]