Expert Tips on How to Make an App Worth Million Dollars

You need a good idea, good execution, and some luck to make it big with your App. We talk to experts across platforms and bring you their tips.

Benefits of chatbots  are not limited to their 24/7 availability.  We reviewed all surveys and reports on chatbot benefits from chatbot vendors, agencies and consultancies to build the most comprehensive list of chatbot benefits below. If you are new to chatbots, check this chatbot website to learn more


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Give yourself a Makeover using free apps

The App Store Lifestyle section is packed with fashion tips. For what to wear, GQ, Vogue and Cosmopolitan are on the Newsstand, and many shops have app catalogues. But for more interactive advice, try ASOS, Snapette or Trendshop.


Many make-up companies have their own custom apps; but for more objective ideas, and both have review apps, and Lookz also offers great advice. Grooming is important to both genders though, so dapper chaps should be using Dolce&Gabbana: Rules for the Modern Gentleman, and Cool Guy – Style App for Men.

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The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2012

Mobile games in 2012 were actually got reinvented with the power of quad core processors, GHz speed and RAM to support there great graphics. The screen resolutions also made it possible to fall in love with these games on your phone.

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Improve your Fitness with Apps

The the fastest way to a healthy mind is a healthy body, and all of us could probably do a bit more when it comes to exercise. Due to the mobility of smartphones, they are easy to fit into a workout routine, [Read more…]

Lose Unwanted Weight using iPhone and iPad Apps

The App Store is packed with ways to shed a few pounds. When you’re doing the food shop, apps such as Fooducate, Barcoo, and Food Scanner allow you to scan a product’s barcode or look them up manually to see how healthy they are. Cost can also be a factor, so if you think organic chicken seems overpriced compared to the deep-fried kind, use an app like Google Shopper to compare prices with other local stores.

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Best Apps for Smartphones and Tablets in Jan 2013

Every now and then in the world of apps, we can find something new and useful apps for everybody. Be it a iPhone user or an Android, every month there are hundreds of apps made, from which we have chosen some Best Apps for Smartphones and Tablets in Jan 2013.

smartphone apps

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