20 Secret Photoshop Tips for Levels and Curves

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Image Editing Basics in Photoshop Elements

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Start improving your photos fast with this step-by-step guide to image editing in Photoshop Elements. If you've got everything right when shooting - such as exposure  focusing and white balance - you might think your images don't need any editing. … [Continue reading]

What version of Photoshop do you need?

Find out which version is right for you. And what is that version really holds. Photoshop has been around from a decade now and the brilliance of it has never fallen a bit. Few days back we wrote a article giving the Photoshop CS5 Keyboard … [Continue reading]

Speed boosters for Windows

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Rediscover your Windows

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Give yourself a Makeover using free apps

The App Store Lifestyle section is packed with fashion tips. For what to wear, GQ, Vogue and Cosmopolitan are on the Newsstand, and many shops have app catalogues. But for more interactive advice, try ASOS, Snapette or Trendshop. Many make-up … [Continue reading]

Free Butterfly Brushes for Photoshop


Creating Brushes for Photoshop is an easy task, and while designing in Photoshop we use different styles of brushes according to our requirement. Here we have designed brushes of some original butterflies for you... … [Continue reading]