Hot Gadgets from CES 2013

CES 2013 brought with it a lot of announcements, and while we can’t say the world has effectively changed over-night, several paradigm shifts are more readily apparent. And we did see trends that we expect will make their way into homes and pervade general society by the end of the year.

A variety of new technologies were shown off at CES. From a flourish of 4K televisions and other forms of high-resolutions displays [Read more…]

How to Create a Stitching Pattern in Photoshop

The Internet is a hotbed for building trends. You can literally sit through thousands of different styles, but each year a few step to the front and are hard to ignore. Web stitch effects are an obvious example. The popularity of these looks is easy to understand.

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Interesting Facts About Hard Disk Drive

Everything you ever wanted to know about your PC’s main storage device. Everyday while working on your PC several questions arise regarding storage devices of our PC, specially while saving the data. There are several storage devices like RAM, Hard Disk, USB stick, DVD… RAM store the data temporarily, while you are working.

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Best Apps for Smartphones and Tablets in Jan 2013

Every now and then in the world of apps, we can find something new and useful apps for everybody. Be it a iPhone user or an Android, every month there are hundreds of apps made, from which we have chosen some Best Apps for Smartphones and Tablets in Jan 2013.

smartphone apps

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