Amazing effects with Creative Curves in Photoshop

Curves make it easy create a wide variety of contemporary and vintage colour effects in seconds.

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Pop Art Portrait Effect in Four Simple Steps

Use the Halftone filter to create an Andy Warhol style portrait effect in four simple steps.

shakira pop art

The American artist Andy Warhol was part of the Pop Art movement which shook up the art world in the 1960s. His iconic images of everything from Marilyn Monroe to CampbeIl’s Soup cans are easily recognisable even to this day. For this project we will recreate one of the styles popularised by Warhol – a halftone coloured image effect. We’Il start by [Read more…]

How to use curves in Photoshop

The Curves command remains one of the most potent tools in Photoshop’s arsenal. Versatile, powerful and intuitive, it’s the weapon of choice for most tonal tweaks. Unlike Levels, which only allows you to adjust the whites, blacks and midtone points, Curves lets you place up to 14 points (although you’ll rarely need more than four or five) to make precise adjustments to different parts of the tonal range.

katy perry

The fluid curve line ensures a smooth transition between these different tonal shifts. [Read more…]

Learn How to Fix Colors with Levels in Photoshop

Sometimes a digital image looks different to the scene that you remember, particularly if there were problems with exposure or white balance. If colors look wrong and tones lack punch, then the Levels command can come to the rescue. Here. we’ll show you how to improve tones in seconds by adding depth, enhancing skies and fixing colors.

modified image

As well as making universal adjustments to improve the tonal range, we’II also select the blue sky and use it to alter both the sky and land independently of one another. With a few simple adjustments, you can transform the image and do the scene justice. [Read more…]

Speed boosters for Windows

Windows built-in performance tools are fine but there are better speed boosters out there, programs such as CCleaner dig deeper into Window

speed boosters
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Rediscover your Windows

There’s nothing like a brand new computer. It boots up in the blink of an eye and flies through tasks. It feels eager, sharp and poised. When your machine is in the first flushes of youth, it’s easy to love it and feel excited about using it.

Wind the clock forward and the relationship starts to sour.

rediscover windows

You probably turn your PC on and go and do something else, leaving it to wheeze and splutter into life. The spring in its step has been replaced by reluctance and sloth. A time will come when you dread sitting down in front of your PC. [Read more…]

Give yourself a Makeover using free apps

The App Store Lifestyle section is packed with fashion tips. For what to wear, GQ, Vogue and Cosmopolitan are on the Newsstand, and many shops have app catalogues. But for more interactive advice, try ASOS, Snapette or Trendshop.


Many make-up companies have their own custom apps; but for more objective ideas, and both have review apps, and Lookz also offers great advice. Grooming is important to both genders though, so dapper chaps should be using Dolce&Gabbana: Rules for the Modern Gentleman, and Cool Guy – Style App for Men.

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