Know About Accounting Equation for Your Business

The equation is actually the foundation or base of double entry types of accounting. Remember, this type of equation shows that all essential assets are either grab by the borrowing fund or paying with the fun of organization’s shareholders. Hence, the accounting equation can easily be understand by this formula – Assets = shareholder equity plus liabilities. [Read more…]

Expert Tips on How to Make an App Worth Million Dollars

You need a good idea, good execution, and some luck to make it big with your App. We talk to experts across platforms and bring you their tips.


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How to Get The Look of a Studio Car Shot

Few of us have direct access to a studio large enough to comfortably accommodate a car, or for that matter a car that we’d want to shoot in a studio! However, attend any car event and there will be a whole host of vehicles that we can dream of owning. While the owner might not be too pleased if you drove off with the car itself, a quick snapshot will at least give you a small memento to take home.

autoshow car reflection in photoshop

A big issue with event photography is always the amount of clutter that distracts from the main subject. At the event, it’s impossible to clear the surrounds for a clean shot from the desired shooting position and angle. but back in the digital darkroom it’s easy to isolate the car and replace the background. However, while the removal of the background will clean up the image, for this shot we want to give the impression that the car was photographed in a professional studio, and not only that, but one with a reflective floor. These are the tricks that the best stock photos utilize, the competition has become so fierce that photographers have had to evolve in creativity and technical prowess.

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20 Secret Photoshop Tips for Levels and Curves

Improve your image editing workflow instantly with our pick of the top 20 tips for Levels and Curves

flower photoshop level and curves

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Image Editing Basics in Photoshop Elements

Start improving your photos fast with this step-by-step guide to image editing in Photoshop Elements.

If you’ve got everything right when shooting – such as exposure  focusing and white balance – you might think your images don’t need any editing. But chances are they’ll still benefit from some tweaking in Photoshop.

Step 3

When your camera captures a scene, it tries to create what it thinks is the best interpretation of that scene in terms of tone, color, sharpening and so on – unless you’re shooting in a Raw file format. It usually does a good job of this, but it gives you no control over any of these elements, and what it comes up with is unlikely to be an accurate representation of the scene as you perceived it.

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What version of Photoshop do you need?

Find out which version is right for you. And what is that version really holds. Photoshop has been around from a decade now and the brilliance of it has never fallen a bit.

photoshop cs6

Few days back we wrote a article giving the Photoshop CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts, as this was for CS5, the newer version has almost same keyboard shortcuts and you will be able to make-out pretty easily how these shortcuts can save a lot of your time.

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Photoshop CS5 Keyboard shortcuts

Want to speed things up in Photoshop? To get you on your way to super efficiency, you’ll need to learn as many quick keyboard commands as possible.

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