How To Buy Stocks Online: The Level Of Returns

Each year, lakhs of individuals initiate their first DEMAT and trading accounts to begin funding in stocks. It’s because only some other securities may relate to the level of returns that equity shares offer. Further, online trading has made concerns straightforward beyond measure. Here’s all you necessitate to know to buy stocks online.

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Investing In Stocks Is Super Simple

1. Get a PAN: You would not buy shares online if you do not hold a PAN. As per government order, every individual wants to provide their PAN to execute financial affairs in India.

2. Open DEMAT and Trading Account: The DEMAT account allows you to hold all the securities you possess in de-materialised form. In contrast, the trading account facilitates buying and selling of stocks. Ensure to save the unique DEMAT and trading account numbers, which you will need to quote when buying equity shares online.

3. Select a Broker: You can only invest in stocks through SEBI-registered brokers and investment platforms. These intermediaries levy a brokerage cost to promote this service. It is either a fee or a commission of the total transaction value.

4. Link Bank with Trading Account: All your purchases will be performed through the trading account. However, when it comes to how to purchase shares, your bank account is also required. For example, you place an order to buy stocks through the trading account, but the payment for it is processed via your bank account. Therefore, it’s advisable to link all three accounts – DEMAT, trading, and savings – to ensure seamless order executions.

5. Acquire UID: You will require to obtain a Unique Identification Number or UID if your transaction values surpass Rs. 1 lakh. SEBI mandates this for all market shareholders, including investors. All you will require to do is place the system with your broker. The broker will transmit the purchase order to the respective stock exchange, pairing it with a sale order. You will get the equivalent stock units in the DEMAT account.

Few constituents to take into account when contemplating how to buy shares online are –

1. Company Details: Learn what the company does, know about the industry in which it operates, review its historical performance, check whether it’s currently profitable or not and how long its good run can sustain, according to experts. Besides a solid decision, this research will guarantee you have the edge over other amateur investors.  

2. Beta: A stock’s beta introduces the degree of volatility it demonstrates concerning the overall market index. It may be learned to check the beta of a store before you select to buy it. Any beta value over 1 implies a more volatile price movement in respect to the underlying index. Accordingly, any stock with a beta above 1 is of enormous risk. Conversely, an equity share is holding a low beta value; it is of low risk.

3. P/E Ratio: It signifies the relationship between a company’s current share price with earnings per share. The P/E ratio encourages investors to determine the value of stocks. If P/E ratio of 30%, it implies investors’ intent to pay Rs. 30 to collect Re. 1 of the company’s earnings.

4. Dividend Payouts: Analysing dividend payouts can indicate a company’s financial health and growth stage. Organizations that give dividends inconsistently are often in their growing platforms. These companies are poised to allow excellent capital profits to their investors.


It’s wise not to evaluate a company’s potential based on only one factor. Instead, consider utilizing several metrics and relevant factors in conjunction to lead a well-rounded completion. Doing so will place you better when you purchase stocks online and enable you to invest successfully by optimizing profitability.


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