Free Movies Online: Best Places to Watch

When you start looking for free movies online, it won’t be long before you start coming across less-than-reputable websitesSome may require paid clubs or subscriptions, while others give access to pirated content. Still, many websites, apps, and streaming services can be used to watch movies and TV shows constitutionally and free. Among them are IMDb TV, Crackle, The Roku Channel, Tubi, Vudu, and more.

When you visit these websites or download the apps, you must generate a free account to continue. Still, it would better if you didn’t have to download anything or access any payment data to access the free content. At most, you might break your adblocker if you see it online.

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1. Kanopy

Genres: Classic Cinema, Documentaries, Independent Films, Comedies, Drama, World Cinema

Best For Documentaries and informative content

Platforms: Computer (website), App (phone/tablet), TV (app/casting)

Kanopy partners of public libraries and universities to give ad-free shows and movies. You can utilize a library card or school email address to obtain content on mobile phones, tablets, TV, or online. In addition to the film, Kanopy also provides access to documentaries on culture, the arts, business, education, global studies, health, and more. The vast selection of documentaries, indie movies, and world cinema was enough to hold me browsing through different pages of exciting headlines. Kanopy is easy to access via a mobile app on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. You can access the TV app via Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Telstra TV, or Chromecast.

2. Hoopla

Major Genres: Action & Adventure, Children’s, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Comedy, Documentary, Family

Best For: No commercials, offline viewing

Platforms: Computer (website), TV (app/casting), App (phone/tablet)

Hoopla is the digital operation of Midwest Tape, a leading entertainment and media provider to public libraries over North America. You’ll get digital videos (movies and TV shows) and music, audiobooks, ebooks, and higher from more than 1,500 libraries. Hoopla operates just like a public library, which suggests you can directly borrow digital movies at any time utilizing your library card. You can obtain Hoopla on any web browser or Apple/Android device. You can also stream content through your Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Roku device.

3. Crackle

Major Genres: Action, Thriller, Reality, Classics, Comedy, Drama, Original, Documentary

Best For Comedy movies, Classic shows, star-studded favorites

Platforms: Computer (website), App (phone/tablet), and TV (TV app/casting).

Maintained by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television, Crackle is a streaming operation that highlights original content and TV shows and movies taken from other companies. There’s something for everyone at Crackle with lots of highlighted categories. This free-to-use entertainment system is reasonable on several popular platforms, including web browsers, Chromecast, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Apple devices.

4. IMDb TV

Major Genres: Comedies, Romance, Documentaries, Sci-Fi, Chills & Thrills, Action & Adventure, Family, Drama

Best For top Hollywood hits and Hit TV shows

Platforms: Computer (website), App (phone/tablet), TV (app/casting)

Controlled by Amazon, IMDb TV is a free, ad-supported streaming video resource. You can obtain content on the IMDb app, the Amazon Prime Video app, the IMDb website, and Amazon Fire TV devices. You’ll have to log in to obtain free IMDb TV content, but you can generate an account for free. Alternatively, you can log in utilizing the Amazon, Facebook, Google, or Apple account to get the content.

5. Pluto TV

Genres: Comfort Movies, Action, Comedy, Sitcoms, TV Dramas, Drama, Family, Indies

Best For: Live TV

Platforms: Computer (website), TV (app/casting), App (phone/tablet)

On Pluto TV, you’ll discover hundreds of free TV channels and free movies. The internet television service allows free, ad-supported content, including live TV and on-demand titles. You can obtain Pluto TV online using the Android device, computer, iOS. You can stream Pluto TV on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung, Chromecast, PlayStation, and Vizio devices. 

6. The Roku Channel

Genres: Family, Adventure, Anime, Sports, Drama, Reality, News

Best For Reality and live TV

Platforms: Computer (website), App (phone/tablet), TV (app/casting)

The Roku Channel is a free ad-supported resource that grants access to streamable content, including live TV and on-demand privileges. It’s available on a web browser and iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV devices.

7. Tubi

Genres: Action, Classics, Drama, Family Movies, Foreign Films/TV, Comedy, Documentary, Indie Films, Kids’ Shows

Best For Kids shows and Reality-TV

Platforms: App (phone/tablet), TV (app/casting), Computer (website)

Tubi is an ad-supported streaming service that Fox Corporation owns. You’ll find movies and TV shows that you can stream legislatively and free through Tubi. To get started, hit the website online or download the app using one of the following kinds of devices: Android, iOS, Roku, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Sony Smart TV, or PlayStation. 

8. YouTube

Genres: Animated/Kids, Documentaries, Romance, Classics, Horror, Comedies, Action & Adventure, Drama

Best For Family and kids programming

Platforms: App (phone/tablet), TV (app/casting), Computer (website)

If you can obtain YouTube, you can get free videos. In expanding to original content uploaded quickly by users, you can also mark out a wide variety of movies possible on YouTube. While YouTube TV needs a subscription, there are preferred titles that you can watch for free. 

9. Popcornflix

Genres: Drama, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Family, Foreign Films, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Documentaries

Best For Independent movies

Platforms: App (phone/tablet), TV (app/casting), Computer (website)

Popcornflix is free ad-supported streaming controlled by Screen Media Ventures, acquired by Chicken Soup toward Soul Entertainment in 2017. You’ll discover movies, web series, TV shows, and viral videos on Popcornflix. The site essentially features independent film, which presents it as a great spot to look for hidden treasures. 

10. Vudu

Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Classic Films, Horror, Family & Kids, Drama, Documentaries, Crime & Suspense

Best For Hidden gems

Platforms: Computer (website), TV (app/casting), App (phone/tablet)

Formerly owned by Walmart, Vudu is a digital video repository and streaming service controlled by Fandango Media. You can hire and buy films from Vudu, but you’ll obtain a selection of free videos and TV shows that you can stream with ads. There are 27 sections to choose from that feature free movies and shows.

11. Crunchyroll

Major Genres: Anime (action, adventure, comedy, drama, thriller, and more) and Drama

Best For: Anime

Platforms: App (phone/tablet), Computer (website) and TV (TV app/casting)

Crunchyroll is a WarnerMedia company that streams anime in more than 200 countries and territories. If you’re a fan of anime, this is the free streaming resource for you. You’ll find both popular titles and Crunchyroll originals available for free. Scrolling through popular anime shows, I saw over 1,100 episodes of “One Piece,” over 140 episodes of “Black Clover,” and over 90 episodes of “My Hero Academia” at the time of writing. Other popular titles include “Attack on Titan,” “Naruto,” and hundreds more.

12. Yidio

Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Kids & Family, Horror, Crime, Mystery, Animation

Best For: Variety

Platforms: App (phone/tablet), Computer (website), TV (app/casting)

Yidio is a video aggregator that gathers connections to videos and TV shows obtainable on other streaming settings. Instead of viewing a media player and seeing a video straight on, you can immediately search for titles over various platforms, including Tubi, The Roku Channel, Vudu, Crackle, and over 100 more. While you will observe videos from paid-only streaming aids like Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others, you can filter your outcomes by free movies or free TV shows.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, websites are worth checking out if you’re looking for free movies online. Whether you choose to view free movies online, ensure you’re doing it constitutionally and safely. While you must disable the ad blocker online or register your email to generate a free account, you shouldn’t download anything to the computer or insert any payment data.


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