Photo Manipulation inside a Electric Bulb

Photo manipulation is one of most fascinating part in Photoshop, which can be achieved by simple tricks applied on any photo. If you see your Facebook timeline, its possible that many of the images found are unreal, all of them are mostly manipulated by someone using Photoshop.

Today we have done the same thing, given a simple light bulb, we have made some of the bulb art inside the bulbs, and presenting you them as wallpapers. Let us know which one of these did you like the most. In the upcoming days we will put several photo manipulation articles so stay tuned.

bulb art

Bulb Art 1

bulb art 1

Bulb Art 2

bulb art 2

Bulb Art 3

bulb art 3

Bulb Art 4

bulb art 3

Bulb Art 5

bulb art 5


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