Black and White Photography – On the way

The most simple way to click photos of places is to, grab a camera in every location you visit. And if you are visiting the location by road its cherry on cake, you can click the surrounding mountains, roads and the awesome trees.

In this post we bring you black and white photography which were clicked on the way to Udaipur, The Lake city of India, Situated in Rajasthan, the heart of India. We will be featuring photographs of roads, mountains, hills, flowers and more in upcoming week. So get ready for some photography action. All the photographs can be used in at will in any project. We give full rights for these.

On the way 1

on the way 1

On the way 2

on the way 2

On the way 3

on the way 3

On the way 4

on the way 4

On the way 5

on the way 5

Path way 1

path way 1

Path way 2

path way 2

Path way 3

path way 3

Path way 4

path way 4

Path way 5

path way 5


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