Freebies : 5 Free Business Card Templates ( PSD files )

Every business needs this, business cards are always a starting point to have a brand and a good branding always starts with proper formatted visiting cards. Today in this article we have made 5 free business card templates for you as freebies.

download free business cards

Anybody can download the card template, use it, share it or modify it to desired need. All the business cards below are made in photoshop with 350 dpi resolution, we hope to give you more freebies in upcoming days. We also made an article before on creative free business templates which 30 links to the business card template sites for free downloading. Download link to every template below are given after their respective images and showcase.

Cool Tree Business card

Cool Tree Business Card


Flower pattern Business card

Flower pattern business card


Flower Leaf Business card

Flower leaf Business Card


Swirl flower Business card

Swirl flower Business card


Turn green Business card

turn green business card



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  1. wilfredo says

    Excelent work, simple and nice

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