How To Design a Sticker in Photoshop

Stickers add fun to our work. In this tutorial we will learn how to design a sticker in photoshop, but first let’s see what others can we do with stickers. We use stickers to brighten up things like, diaries, folders etc… We can use stickers in different ways such as in calendars to remind some important events we can place star shaped sticker, similarly for remembering parties we can use crown shaped stickers, for birthdays balloons. We can also design some beautiful stickers for kids like animals, fruits… which will add fun to learning and make things easy for them.


Don’t get afraid if you are not good at drawing, many of us are not… just start with small objects and show off your creativity with custom made stickers.

Tutorial : How To Design a Sticker in Photoshop

Step 1: Create New Document

Create New Document

Click File > New set width and height, here we are using 500 width and 500 height and 143.99 resolution.

Step 2: Start Drawing

Start Drawing

Create New layer. Use the Pencil tool(B) instead of brush. You can change the size of pencil as required. Here we have increase its size to 5. Now draw whats in your mind.( you can also scan the document if the pencil drawing is already ready)

Step 3: Convert to line drawing

Convert to line drawing

Use Magic Ward tool (W), deselect Anti-Alias and make the selection of negative space (press shift while making selection) and then invert the selection (Select > invert). Now your pencil drawing will get selected.

Step 4: Make new layers

Make new layers

Create New Layer and fill in the selection with colours you want. We have used #412812 for filling borders.

Step 5: Add more colours

Add more colours

Repeat this in new layer for every new colour. We used #79431d for eyes and #dedd00 for feathers.

Step 6: Fill Colours

Fill Colours

Use Magic Ward tool, with Sample All Layers and Contiguous selected, to select the areas to be filled. We used #97562a for Wings, Black and #ed8b32 for eyes, #fac813 for nose, #ffd6bf for area around the eyes, #f6b60e for legs, #dea500, #f8ae00, #ee7900 and #672a01 for feathers. Select the areas to be filled with same colour using Magic Ward tool and make different layers for different colours.

Step 7: Hue/Saturation


Go through each layer and play around with Hue and saturation until you find a pallet that works for your image. (Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation)

Step 8: Expand the canvas

Expand the canvas

For Printers to cut the shape we need large area around image. We’ll enlarge canvas( Image > Canvas Size) to create space for the white edge. (If there is space around the image then their is no need to enlarge the canvas).

Step 9: Creating the area

Creating the area

Select the white area around image using Magic Ward tool. Select Inverse (Select > Inverse), image get selected. Now expand the selection by 12px(Select > Modify > Expand). Create new Layer under all others and fill the selection with white.

Step 10: Smooth it

Smooth it

Go to Image > Image Size and change resolution to 300, then change height and width to whatever size you want the sticker to be. Here we have kept the size 500*530 (as it was at the start). Set Resample Image drop-down box to Bicubic Automatic.

Step 11: Crop and Save

Crop and Save

Merge all Layers (Select all Layers, right click and merge).Make background layer invisible. Select the negative space, invert the selection and go to Image > Crop.


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