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30 Gorgeous Black And White Photography Examples

In the world filled with so many colors, choosing monochrome may sound a bit dull. But then comes the detailing of several objects like light effects, dissimilarity and viewpoint all this for the black and white photography, which makes one feel elegant and classy.

black and white photography - 2

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How to make a Grunge Poster in Photoshop

There really is no greater pleasure than blasting apart an image to achieve an dramatic composition inside photoshop. Over the next few steps we will break apart an image into shards. We will combine images and textures for a cracked, graphic Grunge poster effect. There are no solid rules for creating this poster, you can make adjustments as you like.

Poster with grunge effect

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How to Make Comics in Photoshop – Create you own Comic Line Art

Almost all of us have read comics. Though the classic innocence of comic book, simple tales and silly storys declines in todays web based comics, but it has its own importance. Lets salute to the past and create story with our own photos in this tutorial by learning how to make comics in photoshop or comic line art.

comic art

Here we will learn how to create comic strip out of your own photos. You can also design your cards, Pics for your creative photo frame… Its time to show your skills…

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How To Design a Sticker in Photoshop

Stickers add fun to our work. In this tutorial we will learn how to design a sticker in photoshop, but first let’s see what others can we do with stickers. We use stickers to brighten up things like, diaries, folders etc… We can use stickers in different ways such as in calendars to remind some important events we can place star shaped sticker, similarly for remembering parties we can use crown shaped stickers, for birthdays balloons. We can also design some beautiful stickers for kids like animals, fruits… which will add fun to learning and make things easy for them.


Don’t get afraid if you are not good at drawing, many of us are not… just start with small objects and show off your creativity with custom made stickers.

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5 Ultimate Photoshop Plugins for Photographers

Its always worth full to enhance your editing skills. Plugins are the software components designed to perform particular task for the software application. Here’s the list of top five outstanding Photoshop Plugins for Photographers.

Perfect B&W

Plugin by ononesoftware

Perfect B&W

A plug in which develop stunning black and white images instantly. It create classic, dramatic and elegant looks… enhance contrast, tone and details and captures the many moods of black and white… at single click.

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Using Shapes in Photoshop

This tutorial aims to teach how to create an illustration, utilising different layer styles, blending modes, image adjustments and using shapes in photoshop.

Draw more shapes

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Photo Manipulation Tutorial for Adding Fire or Flame to a Portrait

Combine different images and brushes to create an outstanding or photo manipulation with this tutorial. The Final image would be similar to the image below, where we have used Kristen Stewart as our portrait which we we will modify upon.

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