How to create Ancient Patterns

In this photoshop tutorial we will make you learn how to design beautiful ancient patterns in few simple steps. Pattern is an image which can be tiled repeatedly and is easy to make. Patterns speed up our work and help in creating very appealing images.

Change colour

Here we are going to use a beautiful brush set to create our design. you can download it for free. It is a set of ancient symbol brushes which symbolise transformation  energy, intelligence, strength, sun,etc. We will guide you through all steps necessary to create your own custom pattern.

Step 1:Download Brushes

Firstly you need to download brushes being provided.

Download Brushes

Download brushes

Click brush, select Brush Present Picker, click on wheel on right, select load brushes. Locate the folder where you saved the brushes, click load.

Step 2: Create new document

Create new document

We will create square new document. To open a new document click new document, set the width to 400px and height to 400px, background contents transparent then click Ok.

Step 3: New guide

New guide

Go to view>new guide set horizontal orientation 50% and vertical orientation 50%

Step 4: Select the brushes

Select the brushes

Press D to reset colour. Click Brush Present Picker, choose any brush you like. Create new layer, change brush size to 180px and click the brush inside one of the squares.

Step 5: Fill the canvas

Create new layer, choose new brush and stamp in other box, repeat steps until canvas is fill. Select all layers right click, select merge layers to merge into a single layer.

Step 6: Create Pattern

Create Pattern

From the filter menu, choose others>offset. In the offset window, set the Horizontal to 100 px right and the vertical to 100 px down, select wrap around and click Ok.

Step 7: Save Pattern

go to Edit>Define Pattern, name your file, then click OK. Go to Edit>Present manager. In present manager window, select the Present type Patterns and click on the pattern you just created. Select Save set, type the name again, and then click Save.

Step 8: Apply Pattern

Apply Pattern

Here we will use ancient wall image. You can download it for free (Download) or can use your own background. Create new layer, go to edit>fill use pattern, in custom pattern select the pattern you created.

Step 9: Apply Layer style

Apply Layer style

Pattern layer selected Right click and select blending options, check bevel, change the size to 5px and the Direction to up. Click OK to apply. Change the layer’s blend mode to Soft Light. Go to Layer>Layer Style> Global Light set angle to -150 degree.

Step 10: Change colour

Change colour

Click on create New Fill or adjustment Layers and choose Hue/saturation panel, click on the bottom left icon to clip the layer, check the colorize box and then play with the settings to create a soft colour.


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