Best Mobile Accessories and Gadgets of the Month (Feb 2013 )

The Best of the month new smartphone and tablet Gadgets, Accessories and Gifts. Music lovers can find portable speakers and speaker docks with classic amplifier… difference styles of earphones. New variety of gifts such as camera, playstation or phone cases… which can bring smile on someone’s face… So check out the list and find your favorite accessory…

Divoom Bluetune Solo ($49.99)

The Bluetune Solo range has been pitched as a low cost, portable speaker system for students to listen to their iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads on. With an impressive 8 hours battery life, it features X-Bass to boost bass response, as well as an inbuilt microphone for hands free calling, even in Skype and Facetime. Connect easily to your PC Speaker and has daisy chain capability to connect more speakers.

Divoom Bluetune Solo

Musical Fidelity EB50 Earphones ($250)

Musical Fidelity claim these create ‘Your own personal concert hall’ – and given the cornpany’s pedigree for producing high end hi-fi equipment, its hard to argue. These boast a 10Hz-2OKHz frequency response, and will reproduce any kind of music as accurately as it gets.

Musical Fidelity EB50 Earphones

Plantronics Voyager Legend ($93.57)

Plantronics newest blue-tooth headset is a good looking, high performing affair with great noise cancellation and the ability to pair two phones simultaneously.

Plantronics Voyager Legend 1

Pure Jongo A140B ($TBC)

The Jongo A14OB connects your tablet, smartphone and other devices to most hi-fi entertainment systems via bluetooth- and effectively creates a wireless audio network around your house. Existing users of Pure Jongo can slot the new equipment into their existing system with ease.

Pure Jongo A140B 1

i-box Twist ($105 approx.)

Proudly British made, the i-box Twist is a bluetooth enabled speaker system for any tablet, smartphone or portable music device. Its noise cancelling microphone means it can also be used for making phone calls if you left your phone in the other room. Best of all, it comes with a 5 year warranty.


Lego Mindstorms EV3 (Price and release date TBC)

The ultimate lego nerds plaything has been taken to the next level – while previous generations have been programmable and controllable via PC, EV3 will be the first time you can use your Android or Apple device to control your robot creations first hand.
The set will include motors, sensors, a programmable brick, 550+ LEGO Technic elements, and a remote control- it even comes with 3d building instructions and a built-in infrared sensor – so your robot can follow you.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Samsung Galaxy Camera ($568.99 approx.)

Is this the future of all cameras? Boasting 3G and wi-fi connectivity, Samsung’s first ever Galaxy Camera is also the first dedicated photography device to run on Goog1e’s Android. That means you get all the same apps (Instagram anyone?) you get on your smartphone, no matter where you’re photographing – and with much better quality than your phone (it boasts a 17MP sensor). It also means you can edit your photos on camera, play music and even voice command your camera. You can get it now and get a great discount, just visit the Raise website.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Nvidia Project Shield (Release date and pricing TBA)

Nvidia has gone all our after Nintendo and Playstation, but building a dedicated Android gaming device with its just-announced Tegra 4 quad core CPU and 72-core GPU. You can also stream games from your computer or smartphone to your TV as well as playing movies and music. As if smartphones and tablets had done enough damage to the video game industry already…

Nvidia Project Shield 1

Griffin Woodtones ($29.99)

There’s a reason pianos, violins and guitars are all usually made from wood – it just sounds better. Griffin is gambling on the same here, with 8mm neodymium drivers, and a choice of three styles.

Griffin Woodtones

Samsung DA E750 Speaker Dock and amplifier ($597.99 approx.)

A serious piece of hi-fi kit, this iPod/smartphone speaker dock is also a classic valve amplifier, offering top quality sound for audiophiles As well as docking, you can stream music wirelessly via Airplay and Bluetooth.

Samsung DA E750 Speaker Dock and amplifier

Belkin Thunderstorm ($199.99)

The Thunderstorm is a portable, full-range speaker dock system for the iPad. It enhances the audio for movies, music and games with its sound technology for a rich, powerful media experience.

Belkin Thunderstorm

Vodafone Sure Signal ($152 approx.)

Vodafone Sure Signal is a little gadget that boosts the cellular reception wherever you are – even if you’re underground, or out of reception. Simply plug it into a power source and your office broadband and up to 32 devices can use it.

Vodafone Sure Signal

Golla Genmob iPad and Smartphone cases ($Various)

Golla has released a range of fashion conscious smartphone and tablet cases – for those that want to give their favourite mobile device a kick.

Smartphone cases


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