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History of GraphCalc

In January of 1999, GraphCalc commenced as a project to retain us occupied while we were not busy with other commitments. We have been going hard on it, some say too hard, to make a simple and easy-to-use graphing calculator for Windows that is rich in features.

In case, the Windows calculator isn’t arranging the job done, or you don’t want to pay $100 for a tiny monochrome display handheld calculator, use GraphCalc.

Whether you are a scholar, expert, or just someone who needs to know the answer, we have the instruments and resources for you. We have calculators for everything!

GraphCalc Version 4.0.1 Issued November 24, 2003

This release makes two bugs: one critical, one not. The number of decimals of the output setup was not being saved, and now it is. Also, there was an oversight in the calculation of variance and standard deviations. You estimate which was more prominent.

GraphCalc 0.0.1 for Linux, Issued November 12, 2003

Well, no guarantees to understand what we are preparing yet… but here is a semi-stable release of the development we are doing on GraphCalc for Linux.

GraphCalc 4.0, Released November 3, 2003: 2 Years in the making.

GraphCalc has subsequently released a stable version called 4.0. after two years of on-again, off-again work. Examine all the new wonderfulness that the beta testers have been applying for all this time.

Version 4.0 beta Issued October 8, 2003: GraphCalc lives.

Notwithstanding popular opinion, the project did not happen off the face of the earth. It is in the process of rebirth. Thanks to our users for suggesting new features. This announcement is just a couple of insignificant bug fixes, though.

GraphCalc source code was released April 4, 2003. GraphCalc has decided to deliver the source code to the Windows variant of GraphCalc 4.0 alpha below the GNU General Public License (GPL). Concurrently, generating a Linux version of GraphCalc has begun using the QT libraries and a KDE-like interface. A million thanks for these features:

  • Project hosting
  • Mailing Lists
  • CVS Repository of source code
  • gcalc-announce – announcements
  • gcalc-devel – developers help developers
  • gcalc-users – users enable users
  • View the Project sheet for a bagillion other convenient features.

Version 4.0 alpha 1 Released November 19, 2001

New features include:

  • Infobar and Toolbar
  • 2D Parametric Graphing
  • N-Slider for 2D graphing
  • Improved Find Area function
  • CTRL-Left Click + Drag on 2D Graphs
  • New User Interface for creating animations

Version 3.1b, Released November 19, 2001

New features include: None

Therefore, download it .

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